Talk About Cancer

The family gets cancer too

November 10, 2021 Episode 39
Talk About Cancer
The family gets cancer too
Show Notes

Melody shared what it was like to deal with cancer during her childhood, the ways that experience has influenced different stages of her life, and the things she continues to uncover as an adult.

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My reflections on the conversation:

I’ve been reflecting on Melody’s experience trying to talk to her family members about their experience being her caregivers. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a big believer in processing the challenging experiences in life. Some like me, prefer to talk about the experiences, many find creative outlets like writing, visual arts, or music. 

But when I heard Melody’s family members’ reactions, it made me wonder if processing is not good for everyone? Or maybe, for some the processing is so painful that they need an expert - like a therapist - to guide them through it. So nudging someone to process when they are not ready or have the adequate “tools” to do so is probably not going to work so well. This is another example of how my guests’ experiences continue to help me understand perspectives that are different from mine.