Talk About Cancer

Don't have to be superman

November 03, 2021 Episode 38
Talk About Cancer
Don't have to be superman
Show Notes

Akili reflected on the disruptions he faced when his son Kaine was diagnosed with leukemia more than two years ago and the growth he had to go through to survive this “good” bad diagnosis.

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My reflections on the conversation:

I still don’t know how Akili manages to do everything he has to do from being a father of six and juggling multiple jobs on top of Kaine’s medical appointments! He’s probably one of those people who only sleeps four hours a night. Even then, as Akili said, it takes a village to get through an experience like this, and I’m so glad he got to a place where he felt comfortable with asking for help and receiving help. 

I also loved Akili’s point about performing random acts of kindness and how it’s what makes our communities stronger. It’s a really important message for us to remember at a time when we are going through so much trauma and loss across so many communities. 

On a more positive note, Kaine got his port removed one month early and is on track to finish chemo by early December!