Talk About Cancer

Saved by activism

September 29, 2021 Episode 33
Talk About Cancer
Saved by activism
Show Notes

Laura explained how being diagnosed with cancer gave new meaning to her work as a health care advocate and that staying engaged with advocacy actually helped her push through her cancer treatment.

Laura mentioned Imerman Angels, which has also been referenced by a few other guests on this podcast about the wonderful one-on-one peer support they offer.

If you are interested in getting your story out for advocacy efforts, check out the resources offered by Laura’s nonprofit Health Care Voices.  You can also check out Laura's video on Now This asking Trump to not take away her health insurance by repealing Obamacare. Connect with Laura on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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My reflections on the conversation:

When I first heard about Laura’s story, I didn’t understand how she was able to continue her advocacy work in the middle of her cancer treatment. As we all know, cancer treatments can be incredibly draining physically and emotionally, so going to a public meeting to challenge my senator’s voting choices would be nowhere on my to-do list. But that’s exactly what Laura did.

But it all made sense when she explained - which was that as challenging as our political system is and as controversial as Obamacare is, it was still something that she had a better chance of affecting than her cancer. The juxtaposition of this says everything you need to know about the cancer experience.