Talk About Cancer

Check off your bucket list

September 15, 2021 Episode 31
Talk About Cancer
Check off your bucket list
Show Notes

Gaz shared how he’s dealing with a terminal diagnosis as a young adult and why for a practical person like him, living from scan to scan takes on a different meaning.

You can connect with Gaz on Instagram @Gaz_Emmerson where you will see that he’s still biking to his chemo appointments and enjoy concerts with his friends. You will also find the link to his fundraiser for Sarcoma UK there, which now stands at a whopping $111K pounds!

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My reflections on the conversation:

I really appreciate having the opportunity to talk to Gaz about his cancer experience, because it’s a bit like an anti-thesis to this podcast, where I promote talking about and processing the challenging emotions we have as a way for us to move forward. Gaz showed me that that’s not necessarily the right answer for everyone and that for him, taking action - like being present and making memories with loved ones and finding ways to give back to others - has been a better way for him moved forward through each setback. I thank him for that gentle reminder. 

Also, it was upsetting to hear that the first-line treatment for Ewing Sarcoma has not progressed in 40 years and thus leaving people living with this cancer with very few treatment options. It brought back memories of the awful countdown I used to do in my head - each time a type of therapy failed for my dad, I would panic silently in my own head about having only x number of options left. At the time, I never thought about what a luxury it was that we even had that many options to try. But again, cancer and luxury aren’t two concepts that often go together.