Talk About Cancer

Find beauty in the path

August 11, 2021 Episode 26
Talk About Cancer
Find beauty in the path
Show Notes

Tara talked about the multiple transformations she has had to go through: from being a caretaker to survivor to thriver, and from natural ways of healing to eventually facing her fears of chemotherapy.

You can find Tara's bestseller book Grace, Grit, and Gratitude on Amazon and connect with her on Instagram @taracoyote.

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My reflections on the conversation:

Tara is the only person I’ve spoken with to date who has said “thank you” to chemo. It’s an incredible statement, especially because she’s had such a traumatic experience with her friend’s chemo treatment. It’s also a powerful example of her message to us - which is to find beauty in the path. Rather than focusing on the incredibly challenging parts of her cancer journey, she’s grateful to be alive and appreciative of the transformations the experience has brought her. As she called it - shining the diamonds of our souls.

Also, I had a light bulb moment when Tara was talking about being a caretaker for her friend Deb. Tara helped me understand something I didn’t back when I spoke with Kunal in episode 22 - that it was a privilege to take care of a loved one. But Tara’s explanation of her experience as her friend’s caretaker made sense to me - that to show up for someone when they are so broken down is humbling and makes you understand how precious life is. Now I understand why Kunal referred to the caregiving experience as a privilege.